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Meet Maggie


We call her "The Crystal Diva". because she is. As one of the founders of Dragonfly Crystals, she is not only an outstanding entrepreneur, but a dedicated teacher, healer, and sage of the mineral kingdom. Maggie's fascination and unconditional love of stones, crystalized at a very young age. During her childhood days in the Midwest, instead of Barbie dolls and tea parties, Maggie spent countless hours admiring and playing with her Grandmother's exotic caboodle of mysterious rocks, crystals, and minerals from exotic parts of the world. As an adult, her "crystal work" and preoccupation with the metaphysical flourished during her travels throughout the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Today, Maggie's crystal-consciousness is the life blood of Dragonfly Crystals, where every crystal, jewelry piece, antique, and rare treasure is hand-selected by her for its utmost quality and unique character.  Maggie brings her twenty years of crystal expertise, insight, and celebration, to the fascinating world of crystals for all to enjoy.

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